Friday, July 17, 2009

Portgas D. Ace

Warning pure spoiler:

As Portgas D Ace awaits his fate, a shocking revelation from the marines were made know to public. The truth behind Ace's biological father,it was none other than The Pirate King, Gold Roger. What will happen next? Now that the whole world heard a very surprising news.

ahhh im so excited for the next update..can't wait..hehe


Marnie Dave S. Eballes said...

Hi madam, unsa ni xa nga anime? I'm not familiar. Last naku nasubaybayan na anime is ang Avatar: the last airbender. Hope naa napud kuy subay bayan same sa imuha. :) Godbless and see you around..

Mel said...

One Piece ni sya sir dave..hehe..lingaw pud..wala pa man ang book 4 sa Avatar nagahulat pud ko ato..yep2x c yah sa skul!

noodlemie said...

hi mel,thanks for your comment in my post abt naruto.yes,sure u can add my blog in your link if u want. cheers