Friday, April 3, 2009

Big Dilemma

Lately, i have been pondering on buying another sim, particularly Sun. Which according to my brother and sister and many of my friends who owned one Sun and one from other leading mobile network provider, Sun = "Sulit" = Big Savings. No i'm not advertising, it's just that i want to cut my expenses. I want to start saving. I realized, this past few weeks i am spending way too much on my celphone load. So practicality wise, i'm almost convince to buy a Sun sim. But the catch is i have to have another mobile phone to insert my sim and i can't afford to buy one yet..what a pain..holding two phones with a big chance of losing the other...hehe...So for the mean time i ask google to find me a dual sim mobile phone and i fell for this one, the Motorola Ming A1800 (attached picture below)... so pretty and so cool and i bet still very expensive and i don't think i can find it here...haaayyy