Friday, July 3, 2009

Crying Luffy

The saddest episode ever from One Piece, episode 404 if I'm not mistaken. It's pretty hard to admit but a tear almost fell from my eye. (wheew)

Luffy's Gang is deep trouble. How will they fight back when they barely survive fighting against the first android kuma? And now, here comes another one with laser blowing android kuma, called PX-1. To make matters worst, their nightmare came to life with the appearance of the real Bartolomeow Kuma. Whom made Zoro disappeared like a bubble. Now Luffy's gang is slowly disappearing like bubbles popping one by one. What are their chances of survival? How will Luffy fight back? What can he do to save his nakama?

warning spoiler:
(actually the current issue on manga was when luffy tried to rescue his older brother Ace..still without his crew but with others allies)

abangan ang susunod na kabanata ..hehe

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