Thursday, June 18, 2009

Modern Technology

New Building Designs in Korea

A Computer with 3 Screens

Apple Curved Screen

Table Computer ( literally)

A Transparent Lighter Shaped Mobile Phone

The Weirdest Computer Ever from Samsung

A Mobile Phone/Computer with expandable screen

A Compass Touch Screen Telephone

A New Mouse Design

Sony's Bendable Screen

A beautiful Faucet Design

A cool Bathtub

A Multipurpose Remote Control

this things are so cool..amazing innovations!


fai said...

my dream fon Ipod touch!!! unta naa nay transparent n ipod touch =)

charis said...

totally amazing!

Anonymous said...

hala ayos ning bendable o kay di na ka maguol na mapiko2x imong screen!

GM ni. wala ko google account or anything hehehehe