Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bored to the Max!

I'm so bored with nothing else to do, can't wait to go home. Still, i have 2 more grueling hours sitting in this rickety computer chair in front of my PC. Browsing the web is no fun either with limited access. No online streaming (music or movies, etc.), no online games, no online shopping, no social networking sites, and no downloads. Haay..Boring..I'd be damn furious if blogging is also restricted..hope not..Time please hurry up! I feel like it's ticking in slow motion. Haaayy. Now, i'm starting to feel hungry.

i'm just exaggerating a little bit..hehe


charis said...

lagi mel..na shock man pud ko an 7pm jud ka mg out. hmp! bitaw noh! mau unta pwede ka maka watch movie..:)

hope u cud do something na malingaw ka dra :)

Mel said...

hehe naa man pud syay advantage chang..see naka post ko..hehe

fai said...

hehehe han2d 7pm nman d i ka no hehehe go go mel!