Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A kakashi fanatic

i hope it'll come could fate be so cruel?
why does it have to end that way? i really wish there's
a twist and turn of angel or a hero will
come and save the day...yeah! that'll be great...
but can't deny the fact that i'm just a mere reader
an avid fanatic of my anime idol...Hatake kakashi...

is it really farewell?

(hehe can't help it i'm a big fan :D ...that's why i am dreading for friday to come)


Fai! said...

oh come on! tanggapin mo n na wla n tlga c kakashi....wish ko lng c naruto n lng ang nwala hehehehehe I'm a big fan of SAsuke!!!

AlRitch said...

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gmpogs said...

ehehehe hantod diri naruto lang gihapon? hahahaha. ako pud sasuke ko! yehey! og kakashi pud diay! hihihihi.